CHAPTER 46 – A tribute to the Cave, by Luísa Costa Gomes

©Cabrita, sem título. 2020 Translated by Christine Fernandes Edited by Margaret Jull Costa “I have my collection of building kits and so I make things: viruses, ships in bottles, boats and planets. I have no problem filling my time.  I rarely feel the need for conversation.”  That was a long time ago. Even then everythingContinue reading “CHAPTER 46 – A tribute to the Cave, by Luísa Costa Gomes”

CHAPTER 45 – Fear Versus Fantasy, by Norberto Morais

©Manuel Baptista, “Sem tempo”. 1 de Maio 2020 Translated by Mark Sabine Edited by Kim Olson “The ruling powers had replaced the deafening threat of the bomb with the silent terror of viruses, both biological and electronic. Thus, wars came to be waged in a gloomy underworld.”  Entity, narrator … Why do I keepContinue reading “CHAPTER 45 – Fear Versus Fantasy, by Norberto Morais”

CHAPTER 44 – Possible Reasons for the Sadness of Teresa’s Thought, by Filipa Leal

©Matilde Martins, “cavalos (de) guerra”, 2020, lápis de cor s/ papel, 21 x 29,5 cm Translated by Sally Bolton Edited by Sarah Jacobs “The books had been shut up and sealed off for decades because I feared they’d spread the infection. A while ago, I decided to free them, one by one. My grandfatherContinue reading “CHAPTER 44 – Possible Reasons for the Sadness of Teresa’s Thought, by Filipa Leal”

CHAPTER 43 – Untitled, by Valério Romão

©Sara Bichão, Meio dia / Midday Translated by Felix Macpherson Edited by Sarah Jacobs “Secondly, and while I love samba, Chico and Caetano and drinking caipirinhas on Ipanema beach when I go to Rio as much as the next person, I don’t see why I alone should have to take responsibility for cleaning upContinue reading “CHAPTER 43 – Untitled, by Valério Romão”

CHAPTER 42 – Reboredo’s Sacrifice, by Nara Vidal

©Teresa Pavão, sem título Translated by Sarah Jacobs Edited by Paul Crick “Almost a thousand years ago, a great pandemic occurred and an extremely dangerous virus quickly spread like a tsunami to all four corners of the Earth. (…) There was one part of the world where the pestilent and monstrous virus spread atContinue reading “CHAPTER 42 – Reboredo’s Sacrifice, by Nara Vidal”

CHAPTER 41 – The One-Armed Robot and the Undercover Zombie, by Dulce Garcia

©Filipe Romão, «Passagem para a escuridão da terra», Carvão sobre papel, 56 cm x 76 cm, 2020 Translated by Kim Olson Edited by Paul Crick “This bundle of genetic material wrapped in a protein shell, one one-thousandth the size of an eyelash, exists much like a zombie; it is almost not considered a livingContinue reading “CHAPTER 41 – The One-Armed Robot and the Undercover Zombie, by Dulce Garcia”

CHAPTER 40 – Love Between Humans, by Luís Filipe Castro Mendes

©Gil Heitor Cortesão, No diving, colagem e técnica mista sobre vidro, 2020 , 21×29,5cmão Translated by Paul Castro Edited by Andrew McDougall  “The metics were descended from slaves forced to work outside in daylight at the time of the Second Great Pandemic, caused by the Sun virus.” “Love Human love Love that restores allContinue reading “CHAPTER 40 – Love Between Humans, by Luís Filipe Castro Mendes”

CHAPTER 39 – Improving the World, by Rita Ferro

©Luísa Jacinto, Frio, 2020, óleo sobre madeira, 10×15 cm Translated by Hilary Owen Edited by Andrew McDougall “Yours was the Great Age of Indignation, and mine is the Great Age of Resignation. So what does that leave us with? Poetry and imagination.”  Dear Grandfather, I have some bad news for you. The march ofContinue reading “CHAPTER 39 – Improving the World, by Rita Ferro”

CHAPTER 38 – Teresa, the Dilemma and the Guard, by Álvaro Laborinho Lúcio

©Patrícia Garrido, Sem título, Óleo s/ tela, 60×70 cm Translated by Rachel Morgenstern-Clarren Edited by Cecile Berbesi “It all started when Cacilda came into the cave with the box. Her goal was to develop the Network, to create and programme the prototype that would spread fear throughout the community. Fear would be, once again,Continue reading “CHAPTER 38 – Teresa, the Dilemma and the Guard, by Álvaro Laborinho Lúcio”